1. All Players attempting to play up in the next league age will need to sign a Release Form. Signatures must be obtained from the Parents (of the player), President and Vice President of the Board and the City League Director. Each player asking to play up will be assessed by a panel at tryouts to determine ability is valid for request.
  2. All Players that sign up for City League Softball are required to tryout for a team, excluding Tee Ball. All Players that are unable to make tryouts will be assigned to a team in alphabetical order, according to their last name, immediately following the draft. All T-ball players will be placed on a team by the Tee Ball League Director.
  3. Players can sign up and be assigned to a team up to and including the 10th day after the day of the draft. The only leagues that will automatically be allowed to add players after the 10 days will be Tee Ball. All others will be at the Boards’ discretion.
  4. Players can only request to not play for a certain coach if a letter is submitted and approved by the Board before the first day of tryout.
  5. Managers and Coaches are selected by the Board prior to tryouts. Everyone that signs up to coach must coach the team they are assigned. No one will be allowed to pick up coaches for the sole benefit of the options pick during the draft. If any team breaks this rule the player of the coach that was added will be moved to the next team in line and the coach will be asked to not coach in the future.
  6. Prior to the selection of players, the best pitchers to equal the amount of teams in the league will be set aside for a separate pitchers draft round. (5 teams, 5 good pitchers selected to draft) The determination of ‘best pitching ability’ will be made by all coaches together. Each team will then draw a number to determine pitcher draft round selections.
  7. The order in which teams make their selection during the draft is determined by drawing numbers.
  8. The draft will be conducted with a snake-like drafting sequence. For example a 6 team draft will go as follows: Round 1 - team # 1,2,3,4,5,6. Round 2 team # 6,5,4,3,2,1.
  9. After all players that tried out are drafted onto teams, the players that did not tryout will be placed on teams according to the rules stated above. 
  10. Draft Order:
    • Manager Option – manager’s daughter
    • Coach Option – coach’s daughter
    • 1st round open pick
    • 2nd round open pick
    • 3rd round open pick
    • 4th round sister pick
    • 5th round open pick
    • 6th round sister pick
    • Any player with a sibling after 6th round – the sibling will be your next round pick.