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  1. Time limit 1 hour 10 min.
  2. Run rule 12 after 3, 10 after 4, and 8 after 5. Rule 4, Sec 4.
  3. Forfeited games are 7 to 0. Rule 4, Sec 7.
  4. A player shall not compete in any sanctioned tournaments of the association with more than one team during the same tournament. Page 6 Sec 4-B.
  5. All teams may begin the game with eight (8) players and take an out in the ninth (9) batting position. Rule 5, Sec 2-B.
  6. All teams must turn in their roster before the first pitch of their game of the tournament. It does not matter if your roster is online. (Carthage Complex Rule)
  7. Protest Fee is $100.00. Protest of player eligibility shall be charged per player. Rule 13, Sec 2.
  8. A batter shall have 10 seconds to take their position in the batter's box. Rule 7, Sec 8.
  9. Attempted Bunt Rule. “Players must pull back out of strike zone” Rule 3, Sec 12.
  10. Tie Breaker. Rule 4, Sec 5.
  11. Additional Player. Up to two additional players can be used to increase the batting lineup to 10 or 11 batters. Rule 5, Sec 3.
  12. Blood Rule. Rule 5, Sec 8. (Please read rule book to understand rule).
  13. Look Back Rule. Rule 8, Sec 2. (Please read rule book to understand rule).
  14. Courtesy Rule. Rule 8, Sec 2. Courtesy runner can be used for the pitcher and catcher in the same inning.
  15. Sportsmanship. Rule 11, Page 52. (Please honor and respect this rule).
  16. Playing Field. Rule 1, Sec 1. Pitching distance for 15u on up will be 43' beginning 1/1/2010.
  17. Equipment. Rule 2, Sec 4. Metal cleats and toe plates are allowed for 15u on up.
  18. Equipment. Rule 2, Sec 5. Unadorned devices may be worn to control a players hair.
  19. Equipment. Rule 2, Sec 9-B. The glove/mitt may be any combination of colors except the color of the game ball or optic. Glove lacing and manufacturer’s logos may be any color other than that of the ball. A gray, white or optic colored circle on the outside or inside of the glove/mitt that gives the appearance of a ball is illegal. A glove/mitt that is judged to be distracting by the Umpire is illegal.
  20. Pitching. Rule 6, Sec 1-K. Penalty: Dead ball; a ball on the batter. Once the ball has been returned to the pitcher, the pitcher has 20 seconds to release the next pitch, "after the Umpire says play".
  21. Base Running. Rule 8, Sec 3-D. Allow courtesy runner for injured runner.
  22. Line Cards. Rule 3, Sec 10 & Rule 5, Sec 1-B. Make consistent in requiring both first and last names and player number.
  23. Adopt DP/FLEX to replace DH. Rule 5, Sec 4.
  24. Pitching. Rule 6, Sec 1. Require two feet on the pitching plate and no backward step is allowed.
  25. Manager/Coach ejection from the game must leave the vicinity of the playing area (out of sight) the coach will sit out of the reminder of the game and the following game. If the coach does not leave within 1 min of ejection the team will take a forfeit loss of that game.
  26. For all rain out updates for Tournament or League play visit and watch our twitter feed on the left hand side (You may have to refresh the page to see updates).