Please send all questions about 2018 Comp Tournaments to:  Laurie Snow at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



All teams that are wanting to enter our Carthage USSSA tournaments MUST register online at


City League Dress Code: Team issued shirt, no spandex, and shorts need to be at least mid-thigh. If a situation arises where the dress code is not being followed, then two board members will discuss and come to an agreement making the coach and parent aware of decision. To keep track, an incident book will be kept in the concession area to write down player, date, etc.

Comp Coaches!

All teams need to have their permanent roster online at for our tournaments.  If you need to change any permanent players by adding or removing someone from your roster, please email Doug Morrison at and he will take care of this for you.  If you are planning to use guest players, you MUST use the guest player form and fill it out.  You also need to be aware of the guest playing rules and follow these rules that are in place.  ALL pick-up player forms MUST be submitted by 9PM THURSDAY.  Below are the links: